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I've been roleplaying on several MUXes for several years now. Roleplaying gives me a chance to relax and live out my childhood fantasies of being a superhero, as well as letting me keep my mental acting muscles in shape. Below are some links to some of the MUXes I play on as well as webpages devoted to my characters. You can also read logs of some of my role-playing sessions.

Zero Hour

This game is a fairly faithful reproduction of an alternate DC Comics universe where the events following Zero Hour may or may not be different from the ones in the comics we read.

View Oliver Queen's page.

Visit the Zero Hour Webpage.

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Legends Rising

An original-character only game, Legends Rising takes place in an alternate version of our world where the coming of the year 2000 resulted in a burst of energy that left some people with superpowers. The game deals with how the world copes with the fact that the masked heroes who once lived only in comic books are now very real.

View Templar's page.

View Mister Dark's page.

Visit the Legends Rising Webpage.

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Taking place in an alternate reality where the DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Image Comics realities are one, the action of this game centers on the British city of Avalon, which has the largest population of mutants on the planet. The game also features a small "mini-MUX" devoted to a Batman Beyond based alternate future.

View my Nightwing page.

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Dead/Retired/Disused Characters

View The Shade's page.

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